The importance of backing up your data

Hardware fails all the time, no matter how new or how old it is, we've had servers running for 10 years without failure, but that's 10-year-old hardware,  we have had SSDs and Hard drives shipped to us from manufacturers such as Samsung and they have been DOA (Dead on Arrival) Although it doesn't happen often, it still does happen, and when it does, you'll know about it. 

We have brand new servers in stock, and even them going into the racks to be provisioned can be DOA. The unfortunate fact is that technology fails all the time, and you need to make sure you are prepared for the loss that does happen, even though we / other business in this sector have blazing edge servers that have Raid 10 configurations, it is still not enough to protect yourself when hardware failures do happen. 

To give you an idea, customers in 2019 are STILL not backing up properly or regularly, and this is still quite shocking as all the software to back up your work is already readily available online. 

Here are some tips for backing up your hard work. This will help you progress with safety online.  

Option 1.

Your host's machine may have RAID 10 configuration (4x hard drives in raid configuration meaning 2 hard drives are used for backups/failures - Ie, you can replace dud hard drives and they will replicate the data across the array.) However, this is not to be relied upon, as mentioned at the top of the article, that hardware can also fail, it is very unlikely that all the hard drives will fail at one point in time, but it can happen.  Please don't leave this as an excuse to forget backing up. You are protected at the host/data centre level, only but in cases where the hardware fails,  this could be considered an option.\

With this in mind, make sure you enable softaculous backup's so you have some form of full directory backup, from day one you should make a priotiy getting softaculous creating backup files for you. 

Option 2.

Upload services such as Google drive would be one of the best ways to back up your work completely (and free up to 15GB) - You can even set up an FTP API so you can backup once per day and delete the previous days backup. This can be set to rSync data across how often you like, and Gdrive will host it privately for you. You have instant access to your data if anything decides to fail.

Option 3.

WHMCS out of the box does not configure database backup's via email any more (and we're not sure why). You need to make sure you go to WHMCS - > setup -> Daily Email Backups. Make sure you use a hosted email address for this, (ie not your domain). This would ensure you are able to reach your backup in case of failure. Within this option, you are able to configure the FTP and cPanel backup's option, you can point these to your own backup solutions (another server.) In which you are comfortable that you are 100% backup - or again, send them to GDrive. 

These are three options to help make sure you are safe with your work online, in 2019 there are many ways to make sure your website/business is secured. Even though the software is out there to make sure it works 100%, there could be a new bug that has just been announced. The bottom line is, do not rely on software and hardware to make sure you are 100% secured online.

Your backups are up to you to control how often you want to back up, we personally recommend big billing driven databases to be backed up every single night. In at least 2 different locations and not just email. For hosted websites, we recommend every week (if you do not update your website every day.) 

In the event of a failure, you need to make sure you have taken necessary steps that your help you and your data get online as fast as possible. 

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