Upgrading my dedicated server?

Upgrading your server is easy, we can normally complete such tasks within the hour of ordering as we have tons of onsite replacements that we can accommodate your needs with - All you need to do is put in a support ticket to our sales department then we can advise you how much the upgrade is going to cost and how long it'll take us to complete the upgrade.

Here is a little FAQ for upgrading your services.

Q: I have a dedicated server, I'd like to upgrade the RAM on the machine

A: No problem, we normally speak to you about detailing the work involved with changing the memory, this means taking the server offline for a limited period of time so we can apply the upgrade and boot back into the machine with our post boot tests to make sure it's all working 100% for you.

Q: I'd like to add more storage to my server, what do I need to do?

A: Simply put a support ticket to our sales department of which will advise you, majority of our servers come with hot-swopable hard disks, so the server does not need to be powered down at all. If the server is non-hotswopable we will advise you before we start the work.

Q: Can I upgrade the CPU on my machine?

A: The servers are built as stock, we would simply provision you a new server instead of upgrading the CPU, that would involve moving the IP addresses to the new machine as well as the hard disk. Put in a ticket to sales and we can advise you how long it'll take for work to be completed.

Q: I've ran out of bandwidth! What do I need to do?

A: We will normally send you a notification alerting you that your close or nearing your bandwidth alloaction, in order to avoid downtime, we require a response within the first 24 hours of this notice being issued, we will then work out a plan with you to keep your bandwidth at a reasonable level, or we can simply upgrade you're bandwidth, sales will advise you of the cost.

MyServerPlanet Ltd works fast to complete the tasks that come in with upgrades, please do contact us if you need your service upgraded.

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