Dear customers,

We are sure you have already heard about the recent cPanel price hike and per 'account' billing. Over the last 48 hours, the industry has taken a turn for the worst and many companies will either drop cPanel as a supplier for hosting or push costs onto their hosting customers as a result of this extreme pricing move announced by cPanel directly. We do not want to push the price onto the customers we are trying to act responsibly as we can to keep the costs low for our customers.

As an example of pricing structure change, the majority of our cPanel servers will hit above the $1000 per month in billing alone, from a standard $13.95 fixed licensed product, with many more web hosting companies reporting over 849% increase in there licensing costs as well. 

We are going to move our large database of shared customers first to Direct Admin, our single web hosting product - This includes the following packages

  • Shared 1
  • Shared 2
  • Shared 3
  • Shared 4
  • Unlimited web hosting with free packages

Please note that resellers will remain the same for now, however, we will be limiting accounts shortly, to mitigate some of the damage that cPanel has caused with this price hike.

If cPanel doesn't act responsibly to us, we will be forced to move resellers to DirectAdmin hosting.

There will no longer be unlimited hosting account packages offered by us and many other hosting firms.

We are monitoring the situation and will make the correct move shortly. we will let everyone know as soon as we have more news about this recent price hike.

Thank you very much for being with MyServerPlanet.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

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