New DirectAdmin Features

Dear Customers, Thank you very much for sticking with us while we weight out our options with the cPanel price hike that has affected the entire industry. We have been testing resellers for the last week and can confirm this will be the new way forward to provide hosting. We have the following modules installed on the DirectAdmin server as ... En savoir plus »

11 juil 2019
cPanel recent price hike

Dear customers, We are sure you have already heard about the recent cPanel price hike and per 'account' billing. Over the last 48 hours, the industry has taken a turn for the worst and many companies will either drop cPanel as a supplier for hosting or push costs onto their hosting customers as a result of this extreme pricing move announced by ... En savoir plus »

29 juin 2019
Brand new Reseller cPanel server online

Dear customers,

Today we have released a brand new cPanel server for your services to be hosted on, please enjoy this new addition!

We are currently working on a new US location for the services as well. Please stay tuned for that!


27 avril 2019
MyServerPlanet is now a Nominet member

Dear Customers, Thank you very much for being with us, we have now become a Nominet member under the tag MSP-UK - This means there is drastic price decreases with Nominet's domain holdings which are the extensions are now priced at £5 per year, with free transfers and renewals placed at £5 per year as ... En savoir plus »

9 avril 2019
New pricing on domain resellers + SQL ready to download

Dear Clients, We have new pricing on .com and .net domain names, we have also been hearing feedback that it is taking too long to add over 500 tdl's that we sell to our customers. We now have the option to download the SQL to re-upload to your WHMCS. To do this; make sure you backup your database before you apply changes to your live ... En savoir plus »

24 févr 2019
Domain Resellers - Now available.

Dear customers, We have now introduced a way for you to resell our domains, over the last few weeks we have been coding a module for you to connect into our WHMCS to place domain orders, on behalf of your customers, you will connect securely to our API to transfer order information over to us, the register. We are offering an introductory offer ... En savoir plus »

21er août 2018
You have asked! We listened! - Account statements

You asked - We listened!From today, we have enabled monthly account statements that will be directly emailed to you on the 1st of the month, this will give you an overview of what invoices you've got coming up and what you paid in the previous 30 days. We are delighted to deploy this feature for our customers. This feature brings many ... En savoir plus »

17 juil 2018
CryptoCurrencies payments now accepted!

Dear users,Today 31/05/2018 we have enabled cryptocurrency payments to be accepted on our website, today you will be able to pay us through Coinbase via the following currencies:BitcoinEthereum  LitecoinBitcoin CashPlease note that if you put in a ticket to our billing department you will get discounts on your invoices if you wish to pay with ... En savoir plus »

31er mai 2018
Business broadband launched

Dear users,MSP Has now released our business broadband offerings, this is an exciting milestone for us as we currently have many locations that we have popped by ourselves.  At the moment we have released four packages in total which are able to be ordered, setup times are 7-14 working days and come with a free pre-configured router for fast and ... En savoir plus »

9 avril 2018

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